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Our range of properties

The Swedish Fortifications Agency owns buildings and land throughout Sweden. We are represented in every county in the nation and can be found wherever the Armed Forces operate. Among our properties are regiment buildings, offices, training facilities, shooting ranges, harbours, airports and underground defence facilities.

Many of our buildings are part of Swedish cultural heritage, and we manage around 300 structures classified as historical buildings by decree of the State. We also oversee 370,000 hectares of land with a wide variety of topography used for a variety of purposes. These areas can range from barrack squares, beautiful parks and vast forests to wetlands and pastures for reindeer, sheep or horses. The largest areas are used as training grounds and shooting ranges. We also keep areas available and maintained for outdoor activities, hunting and fishing. Our operational organisation performs daily inspections, maintenance and operational measures on buildings and defence facilities.

As a major landowner, we are entrusted with the management of significant nature values. We also conduct extensive environmental and nature conservation efforts.

The Swedish Fortifications Agency owns training grounds and shooting ranges all over Sweden. These areas are primarily used by the Swedish Armed Forces for training purposes. The Vidsel area in Lappland is the largest singular training area and is more than twice the size of Singapore.