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Property management across Sweden

We are one of Sweden’s largest property owners and foremost experts in fortification, that is to say, protection and facilities technology. We combine our unique skills of being both a property owner and developer. We ensure that the defence sector has access to highly functional areas of land, facilities and premises for its operations. This is our way of contributing to the nation’s defence capabilities and preparedness.

The Swedish Fortifications Agency’s array of properties is extensive, ranging from cold storage facilities and historic buildings to highly technological and modern structures.

We own regiment buildings, offices, training facilities, workshops, firing ranges, harbours, airports, underground facilities, forests and the areas of land upon which the Swedish Armed Forces conduct their training exercises – anywhere you find the Armed Forces, you will find us.

Our mission entails tasks such as managing operations at large garrisons, maintaining land and buildings, constructing new buildings and rebuilding existing ones. We are also tasked with phasing out operations, selling assets and creating the conditions required for new operations.

For the most part, our activities involve the continuous maintenance of land, buildings and defence facilities. Our operational organisation performs daily inspections, maintenance and operational measures on buildings, defence facilities and areas of land. We also manage a large number of structures that have been classified as historical buildings.

Our customers

The Armed forces is a close partner to us and we also have other customers such as governmental agencies and private tenants.

FMV – The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FRA – the National Defence Radio Establishment, FOI – Swedish Defence Research Agency, PTS – the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, the Swedish Coast Guard and the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, are all examples of other customers.