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Fortification – Defence and facilities technology

The Swedish Fortifications Agency has been tasked by the Government to carry out developmental fortification work to ensure that the competence required for Sweden’s societal needs in terms of defence and facilities technology is in place and continues to develop.

In order to succeed in this task, we make sure that our expertise within fortification remains at the highest possible level. We know what is required to protect the sensitive defence operations of the Armed Forces, the defence family and civil authorities.

The Armed Forces’ need for fortification-oriented defence is based on protecting functions and systems from military weaponry posing the highest possible threat level. The design of the implemented technical solutions must have qualified physical protection and be able to withstand the extreme environments associated with warfare. This design is fortification-oriented by its very nature.

In order to stay at the forefront of this development, the The Swedish Fortifications Agency is dedicating substantial resources to development research on fortification. We test new defence solutions to combat various forms of sabotage, intrusion methods and weaponry. We are also part of several collaboration forums where our expertise in fortification can be put to good use and developed.